IAQ Sensor - FAQ

A Daikin IAQ sensor, its power supply, a quick guide and a wall plug with a template for easy positioning.

Before setting up Daikin IAQ sensor, you need to have the APP installed, logged in and have a Daikin IAQ sensor near you to scan it with the QrCode. Also make sure that you place the Daikin IAQ sensor in a place covered by the Wifi network you want to connect to and that you have its password.

Daikin IAQ sensor is an IoT device measuring your well-being, recording various values relating to air quality, environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution. Available in 3 versions, with 8, 14 or 15 sensors, it connects to your WiFi network (captive portal not supported). It has a microUSB power supply, but can also run on battery power for up to 2 years.

Each Daikin IAQ sensor covers an area of approximately 100/200 m2 in open-plan environments. It depends mainly on the ventilation system and the layout of walls and doors. We recommend the use of 1 Daikin IAQ sensor per room.

The Daikin IAQ sensor APP will soon be available on PlayStore.

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